Our logo

The logo was developed in 2013 as a part of the transformation of the company to one with clear focus on Australia, building a long term sustainable gas business to complement its existing oil business.


 The design elements of the logo and their meaning are:

  • colours symbolic of our business: GREEN which is used to symbolise oil and RED which is used to symbolise gas;

  • the helix shape is evocative of DNA, illustrates fluidity and shows two separate strands whose flexibility and relationship creates strength and unity;

  • DNA  references the organic origin of oil and gas and their place within our planet.  We also reference DNA to symbolise our focus on fundamentals;

  • the layering of the green and red strands symbolises the relationship between oil and gas with the red strand uppermost as where both are present gas usually overlies oil;

  • the interweaving of the two strands shows flexibility to work with others for a “win:win” that creates unity and strength of the larger entity that results; and

  • our name and what we do: “Cooper” in bold as our unique name, reflecting our origins in the Cooper Basin and a clear statement that we are a company which finds, commercialises and delivers “Energy”. 
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