Health, Safety, Environment and Community

Care is a core value of Cooper Energy.

Cooper Energy is an oil and gas exploration and production company, committed to taking all reasonably practicable steps to protect the heath and safety of our workers, contractors, partners and communities in all areas in which we operate.  In addition, our commitment is to sustainable development, to planning and performing our business activities to ensure the impacts and risks to the environment are eliminated or minimised to as low a reasonably practicable. 

We are committed to transparency, fair dealing and responsible treatment of workers, contractors and partners and constructive associations with the communities with which Cooper Energy interacts.

Wherever we operate we will develop, implement and maintain HSEC protocols that are consistent with recognised standards and practices, which will enable us to:

  • Comply with applicable legislation and utilise best practices and standards to eliminate or minimise impacts and risks to the environment, community and workers and other persons at our workplaces to a level which is as low as reasonably practicable;

  • Establish and maintain an adequately resourced HSEC Management System that systematically allows continous improvement in the management and control of risks and hazards associated with Cooper Energy's activities;

  • Consult with and support the fundamental human rights of our workers, contractors and the communities in which we operate;

  • Respect the traditional rights of indigenous communities and value cultural heritage;

  • Ensure all employees and contractors are appropriately trained and competent and suitabley supervised to ensure works are undertaken in a safe and environmentally responsible manner;

  • Monitor HSEC performance through the identification and communication to the workforce of clear, effective HSEC objectives and targets; and

  • Encourage participation in promoting improvements in safety, health and environmental practices and supporting a positive and caring culture in all areas of Cooper Energy's business.

The Managing Director is accountable for communication of this Policy and for ensuring compliance with its undertakings. Other Managers shall ensure the effective implementation, management and monitoring of the HSEC Management System and its subsequent outcomes.

All staff are responsible for compliance with our Policy, Standards and Procedures.

This policy will be reviewed at appropriate intervals and revised as necessary.


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